Thursday, 28 June 2012

Html Your Photos Make Your Hair Curl?

As the ever increasing restrictions on photos and images occur you might find it much better to take your own photos although it will take you quite a time and put them on your own webpages.
Can you do it? Yes you can if I can do it so can you.
I detest html but some people well only a few people explain it very well without leading you around the mulberry bush so to speak.
You can go here to this link and others similar and they should teach you how to html your own photos.
Go on give it a go in failure is the next step to success so don´t get frustrated if you cannot get the hang of it the first time round or even the second.
Not everyone passes their driving test the first time do they? that is one I have just been reading no fancy techie stuff either.
See how you get on then go on I dare you to carry the instructions out.
There´s a brave one then.

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