Saturday, 30 June 2012

Lost A Pdf That You Bought Recently?

If you buy an e-book especially in PDF style do not take it for granted that it might vanish one Day.
Now I am not  blaming anyone here this is just a tip that might come in handy.
Yesterday I spent almost two hours looking for my e-book that had vanished into thin air.
It was not on the hard disk or anywhere to be found.
Of course not all e-books will go just like that but it´s always better to copy and paste the whole of it if you can into notepad give it more or less the same title and also send it to your e-mails all of them you can´t have too many of those they are a Godsend.
If you cannot copy and paste as is with some pdf e-books then take notes and put them into notepad if you can as well .
I would put the most important part of your needed information into short notes and copy and paste I don´t think you will regret that and also send that to your e-mails as well.
By the time you might have lost your e-book of course the ironic thing about it is you might well be able to get the information for free on the internet too.
But I would back it up with some kind of copy.
I don´t know if you can copy your e-book to a cd. It may well be that you can then do that as well otherwise you are going to get up one morning and find that it has all vanished into thin air.
Aha but I was able to copy and paste that very pdf so all was not lost and in vain you see I copied it again into notepad gave it a different title well just a bit different and sent it to my Documents and e-mail.
Thank God for e-mails and folders they save you paper and space.
You can do this with any kind of information that you really need.
Now here I have to say that I never copy anyone elses work that is bad karma for anyone it´s like robbing yourself.
Once I have written this here I won´t be able to go and post it somewhere else either it is a sort of copyright that I would be doing but to myself.
You can write an extension about your articles or pages and post them elsewhere.
I do not use facebook or twitter these are tips that might be liked or disliked it matters not to me.
Having said that it is just a thought I had when I wasted nearly two hours just looking for one e-book and saw the search for Genie go round and round with his binoculars looking for that e-book in the hard disks lol.
The end result was it found nothing at all but I love that Genie Icon. Sometimes there is a little Dog that has a little open book and starts to wag it´s tail that is really cute as well.
Okay something else that I learned yesterday and although I did not feel that grateful in that moment because I had bought that e-book with hard earned money too.
So thank goodness it did occur to me in that moment to copy my book and keep it in Notepad thank you so much Microsoft for Notepad you have been a lifesaver well hey I am not dramatic but also I keep folders with special tag names on too so I know where to go and I will find all I need there and I also have a clean out every so often of all what I have there.

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