Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Missed Out What I Wanted To Say

Okay so this is something I missed out yesterday and I meant to put this here as I am not much into being techie but this is really handy to know at least I think it is he he he.
If you happen to download a website building program or any other program from the internet make sure you write down the url, the complete name and all the passwords and any code if they give them to you.
Well if you are like others they just download something then find they don´t like it and take it off again without much thought as to what could happen.
End result is the dll gets taken out of your system and it goes kaput.
This is because sometimes if you take a piece of software off it takes the dll with it as well and you just will not realize till you try to switch back on again.
So the thing you have to do is download the program or software again and then take it out but being much more careful the second time around. It says it all on that url I gave you anyhow.
So hey I did write the urls down and everything on a piece of paper and left it here so I could tell you where to go and find it but I can´t find it at the moment.
Main point is take note of everything you download even if it seems to be a very safe one and of course always clean it up for virus as I had to get rid of six little nasties yesterday too.
I would prefer to buy software on a cd seems safer to me.
I am not blaming anyone but even the safest things can get something into them and it is not the fault of anyone in particular.
Right here is the url http://www.computerhope.com

You can copy and paste that into your browser I just don´t have time right now to put the hyperlink in here but they have some really great information there on this kind of problem which seems to be more frecuent as time goes on.
Straightforward explanations too.
Just one more thing if you keep losing your internet connection and if it is as dodgy as mine is please do not mess with wan miniport you are in for a hell of a time to get rid of it after it´s the most terrible thing I have had to deal with.
It is worse than all those flies and mosquitos in Summer I can tell you. I just discovered one day how to get rid of it. Trouble is I can´t remember how I did it but I did it.
Wan Miniport blocks your surfing and it sticks the page you are on what a pest so if you are not into that kind of know how just leave it alone and do not mess with it.
Okay that is it and that is all you will find off me on the techie level.

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