Thursday, 28 June 2012

Time To Change For The Better.....

Up to now I have been earning very little as where I have been the money is getting less and less everytime so now it really is time to get going in a direction that is fun to work in. I am working out my own system.
Well really just like anyone else.
Often it can take time to find the right programs but now I am not prepared to spend two hours online just to earn a few cents.
No way am I going to depend on that again.
Will be posting when I have finished my searches into what I want to do but at the moment this is it.
I have started doing my Squidoo lenses. But I am only doing them for fun at the moment.
At least this time I am doing them right.
Yesterday I was reading through a few People´s Pages and the ingenious ideas they come up with is quite something but I would not implement them myself at least not like that in that way.
Not that I won´t try them out but I am just reading through them at the moment.

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