Monday, 25 June 2012

Bad Hair Day what a Day today.
Scorching Hot Day and quite frustrating on a few levels.
What I did learn was that while trying to do a Squidoo Lens of mine it´s about Head Bands or Hair Bands or Alice Bands if you like to call them that.
I like using them to use on those really bad hair days you can have when you cannot control your Hair.
Just wash your Hair and put one of these gorgeous Hairbands
 on and it will cover up most of the problems and keep that pesky hair out of your face as well.
If you are doing a Squidoo Lens always take a look at Amazon Com first and search for the product you want to make your lens about.
I did not find many Hairbands really on Amazon although there were loads of them all over the internet.
So I ended up with no photos of any headbands and having to put three Amazon Modules to put on what I want to illustrate.
If you have noticed a lot of places are not using live models anymore to display things like headbands or other hair adornments they use those shop models doll like things.
So in Amazon you can search and see what kind of chance you have to make a good go of it.
Maybe you can find photo Galleries as well to show People what you want to say to them.
A subtopic on a Hubpage and linked to your Squidoo lens would be a good idea really if you have problems with images and photos as they are getting really hard to come by.
Squidoo lens link is at the top of the page. I put this because if you are struggling to build lenses and you think that they might not work don´t give up and get despondent.
That´s why I keep on saying go to Amazon first and see if you can see your subject on there first. E-bay is not working very well on  there at the moment I don´t know why that is either so Amazon is your best bet.
I don´t have an Amazon Affiliate ID:
Even so I have put them on too so you can get the idea of how it goes.
Of course it´s not a fantastic lens I had not worked on any for ages for various reasons. But then you see I was doing it all wrong but now I hope I am getting it right

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