Monday, 11 June 2012

Dogs Life Or Is It

Teapot you can see there is the one I bought to drink my relaxing Tea in. Usually I just use Red Teabags or Mint Tea as well you can use any herb you like will comment later on the Dog you can see on the T-shirt he is one of the most untrainable Dogs you can imagine

Well the Zazzle Storefront will not take in html so I will put a link down here instead see if that will click in lets see now.
Well lol there is no Teapot visible yet I have done the design on the Teapot myself you can do this too if you join Zazzle. You don´t have to join here either it´s just an idea to give to you.
You might like it you might not. I have also added a Tea Mug to match as well. At first it all seemed quite difficult but then you gradually get the hang of how it goes.
Oh by the way that Dog in the photo is the untrainable Dog although I love him to bits don´t tell him because he is a big show off really and what you try to train him to do goes in one ear and out of the other .
Will be writing some more about him at the top there at the moment this is all there is.
What I will say he has come a long way from the time we first brought him home and that is saying a lot.

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