Thursday, 19 July 2012

Billed Twice Over What A Cheek.....

Beware of anything you buy on the internet please read all their terms otherwise you could find yourself being billed a monthly membership site that you did not want and you end up paying three times more for that e-book than it was ever worth.
Always check out the ins and outs and if you suspect that it could be one of those drop them like a hot brick.
In fact search on the net and see if you can get the information free and research any reviews of what you want to buy.
Say this because it has happened to people that we know and ourselves.
Bought an e-book about something and for nothing in this World would you have thought that they were going to bill you twice.
Well what am I saying three times we were billed altogether.
We were not able to get the money back either.
This barefaced cheek way of doing things has really got to be out of hand.
Someone you thought I could have known well was offering a offer and two months free membership get what I mean this kind of thing unless you check it out properly could get you to be billed again and again until you stand up for yourself and put a stop to it.
More times than none they have done it in such a way that a refund a total refund is not possible.
Not going to say any more than that.
Please read the fine print this is not a joke.
I actually thought it was a joke until I saw that they were billing us over and over.
Also you will find that the Bank might well wash its hands off if you have bought it from overseas not their problem they will say.
Well did you get to look at potpie girl or are you thinking about it lol?
Jean Phillipe Schoeffel has some great information too but also be careful where you download them from.
I actually bought a Squidoo how to e-book but they were very good and there was no strange things going on there it was paying from paypal to paypal stuff with no credit card included and they gave me two free bonus e-books that I still have but I have kept them to the hard disk and with another copy also printed out for the just in case.
If I can think of any more things like that will let you know at the moment the dog next door has got through the fence yet again and here I am having to babysit the two of them mine and the other.
Oh well all in a Days work I suppose.
None of this information has affiliate links of my own I just like to sort of review what I am up to and have seen around and others have sent me.
In fact check out the links and you will not see a username or an affiliate id link so I tell the truth at least from my part I do.

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