Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cloak Of San Fermin Yet Again In Action Part Two....

Cloak of San  Fermin was in action today as the mighty Miura Bulls ran through the Streets of Pamplona at about eightish this Morning.
The Rocket fired and the highly strung Bulls came out with their Manso Brothers altogether except for one Navajito he was leading the pack.
He swept his way through the terrific amount of People that were there in the Streets.
No messing around with him. Personally I would set all the Bulls free but that is not up to me at all this in a way is to show what happens to these noble animals.
Wishing that someone would re invent all this that is happening.
At least Navajito has given them a run for their money what a shame they could easily let him go back to grazing happily in the Fields and make tons of money instead promoting Videos of him everywhere with ads and stuff.
Hey I have no idea how you do all that but that would be much better for him and everyone else.
Aupa Navajito.

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