Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Moto Cross In A Big Way......

Motorbikes have always been a favourite thing of mine that I wanted to ride and dominate.
So through injury I cannot take on this kind of Sport.
Nonetheless this does not mean that I do not follow it as a great Sport that it is.
Acrobatic Motocross is one of my favourites where they execute all those kind of jumps and positions in the air such as Superman.
Of course this is something that you should not really practice if you are not in that good shape.
One has to be fit enough and train to be able to perform those kind of stunts without any kind of injury problems cropping up.  Their Stunts are really quite amazing to be sure all the time they are coming up with new kind of Stunts to perform.
Although this is very popular as such there is not much Television coverage of it really when there should be at least I think so and a good many others might think the same as me. What about you?

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