Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Passion For Squidoo Lenses.....

Have you heard this before? Squidoo lenses you can make them and make a bit of cash out of them?
You can get to write about most things that you want and post your links on your profile that you make as well.
Things have changed on there so you have to keep up with what kind of links you can post.
This is not for me to refer you and make money because that is not my idea it is just for me to let you know in case you have not got a website and you want to write about things topics whatever.
I have posted a couple of my squidoo links on here you can go there if you want just to see what others get up to.
Of course you can use wordpress just an example and link them together. Not having much time I have only made a few lenses and I am still working on them when I get the time to do so.
Have done lenses so far about Running Shoes of San Fermin, Motocross Extreme Sports, Personalised Teapots, Hairbands That Stay In Place and so on.
Themes that I like they do not have to be your themes each person has his own likes or dislikes I know well we all know that don´t we eh?

See you around then
 Remember you are the Captain of your own Ship when it comes to making any lenses on Squidoo you can get a free download Squidoo instruction pdf from potpie girl all you have to do is google her name and she will or should come in the links somewhere in her pages I think she is still letting you download the instructions they are free for now at least others you have to pay for them.
I made about twelve lenses before and eventually I scrapped them because I did not match the title of the page with actual url itself and did not really research keywords now potpie girl will tell you how to do all that.
I have not got an affiliate link of my own for any of these.
I just like helping whomsoever I can.
when you match the title with the actual url of the lens you are going in the right direction.
Okay so you can write about any lens right?
Then if you make a lens say about parenting consider it to be your main lens and then consider the "niche within the niche".
What I am explaining here is you can make parenting your main lens and then make other lenses about other things to do with parenting.
I am not into that although I am a very experienced Mom lol.
Say if you want to write about your favourite car and how long you have had it with you and why you want to keep it.
You could make another five lenses to do with the same thing like "car parts I would like to put on my Car" "great headlights you can put on my car" see what I mean?
Sort of like wheels within wheels.
Try not to get overwhelmed by what the top lensmakers do don´t worry they have probably made lenses that have bombed like mine did before.
Although I did them all wrong I still got Traffic to them.
I really am not that good at explaining this and this is why I am telling you again to find potpie girl I know alright its an unusual name but she does have a great pdf that can help you out loads if you want.
Me I won´t get a dime out of any download you make but I don´t care either just as long as you get going to the right place and see if you can earn some money.
Wishing you well and hope you find her free pdf while the going is good.
You can easily get the pdf and save it to your hard drive and read when you need to.
If you want you can drop me a comment in the box to see how it went for you.
Like I said that is all I can explain about all that. Would be good to know if any of you got to make any cash hope

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