Friday, 6 July 2012

Ready Steady Go.....

Felices Fiestas a todos que lo paseis bien. Aup San Fermin Viva!!!.
Para todos y os cuideis much tambien.
 This is to do with this time of Year when you can catch cold so much easier. I cannot rewrite the entire article as I wrote it on a Hubpage at that time. I am repeating myself again don´t repeat colds if you can help it try your best to stay away from things you know are likely to cause you another miserable Cold. Aupa.
Time to enjoy San Fermin so go go go.
 Some time back I wrote about tickly stubborn coughs I did a hubpage about it as well.
You can read about that here if you want

It does not work miracles with some People the reasons for their cough is different. Sometimes too many things like milk and butter make this situation worse. You can also combine it with a prescribed expectorant which worked better for me. The two things cleared it up within three Days much better than that awful cough medicine that they prescribe you.
These kind of medicines do not tell you that you can have second side effects say if you are taking something like a tranquilizer.
Can get to make you feel quite ill if you mix the two without knowing about it.
I found a certain expectorant that come in very tiny sachets to be quite irritating and not really effective the other stuff in the bottle had less additives and worked much quicker.
Stubborn coughs at this time of year is very common because of all the changes we are having with the weather there is an enormous amount of dry dust so it makes for very nasty coughs. Mucosan is a great expectorant if you cannot shift that stubborn yuk feeling.
Always consult your Chemist first though I thank God I did once as one of my kids was taking the wrong medicine altogether prescribed by a Doctor.
I never looked back I changed my Doctor took out a Health Insurance just for my Child and he got better so much quicker far less rubbish to take and grew to be much healthier too without all that yuk stuff.

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