Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Ready and with a calm steady state of mind is what this Man had in mind. Had all his protective gear on and his parachute in place ready to jump.
This time he was ready to go although he no longer served as a Soldier in the War he wanted to be able to go up there again and experience what he used to experience.
He had even bought special nice gear to put on and a parachute that had all the latest.
Looking at his watch he counted the minute and few seconds left and started to get ready for his best parachute jump.
Of course he never had been a Sky Diver but he wanted to go along with other Sky Divers and enjoy going in their Group so he did.
They had invited him after learning about his love of Sky Diving an avid follower of all what went on in that World as well.
So along with the others that were there ready to guide him along they all got by the open Door of the plane and out they went and they took him with them.
He spread himself out and joined hands with them as they made a wonderful circle in the Sky.
It was something he would never ever forget he was there living it all over again but this time for the joy it gave him this time it was peace time there was no War to fight.
All landed safely after experiencing some spectacular views of down below.
All hugged him and congratulated him for being able to go through with it. Took photos many photos and again he will never forget that.
What name would you give to this man Courage sheer courage is what it took him to live that all over again after such a long time.
But it is like that once you learn how to swim you do not forget that.

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