Friday, 10 August 2012

Beautiful Images Of Border Collies...

Border Collie Puppies
Border Collie...
Inga Spence
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Border Collie Puppy Playing with Toy
Border Collie...
Peggy Koyle
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Dog, Border Collie, Lemgo, Germany
Dog, Border...
Thorsten Milse
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Whatever kind of Border Collie you have whether he is of pure pedigree like mine was or of mixed breed it does not matter their inclination is to play most of the Day. Border Collies Love Tennis Balls. Shep used to love you to throw him the tennis ball then he would quickly drop it so you could throw it to him again and again. Rubber Rings this was his favourite of all as he would love a game of tug of war with you. He would pull and pull on that Rubber Ring all Day long. Shep would never tire of this game he loved your attention and he would always play fair. I was really lucky with him as I never had to train him he would always walk by your side without a leash and would never go off on any wild chases that some Dogs might do. You have to be careful with your own Dog though all Dogs are not the same and Shep was just one out of the ordinary he fitted into our House like a missing piece in a Jigsaw Puzzle. There are a good many toys out there try to make sure they are of good quality if you can because now they are made of dubious things before they were more certain.

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