Monday, 6 August 2012

Bikers In Cross Accidents That I Have Seen.....

Have seen a few slip ups in Motocross really they can seem comical but they are not. One Group of Motorcyclists went up over a small hill and all of them were trying to jump in a sort of formation. One went slightly out of line and fell sideways. The other one behind rode up over the other ones Bike and they all started to fall over each other like a Set of Cards that you build to stand up like a Castle. There were about twenty of them and they all came a right cropper I can tell you. Although none of them were badly injured it looked almost like a Stunt but it was a formation that went wrong. Well that does not happen every Day thank goodness. Not much of Motocross on the Television really with the Olympics going on and the Tour of France having just finished and the Tennis Tournaments you cannot win can you? Here where we are if you miss a Film you can easily see it about three weeks later lol they repeat all of them now I guess it must be because of the "crisis" as they want to call it.

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