Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ugly Webpages......

Okay so when I read any pages about any other person I put a lot of interest even if their web page would be classed as terrible by some. Whilst it is good to have critics I saw one the other day that was totally uncalled for it sound more like the following. Fifty Shades Of.... Fifty shade of envy with a Capital E and the colour gutsy green. It really is not so much about how you make the web page look it is what you put in it not just two lines it has to be more than that. Keywords.... Keywords for your page so most of us really feel taken aback by this kind of thing. First thing you think of is what do I put in those keywords. Just search for something anything then look within the recent searches which is down on the left and see what you can pick up from the links on those pages. Gradually you should begin to get ideas about keywords that you never had before. Think of it as a kind of Quiz. Quiz Or A Game? Now who has the time to do a quiz? Not me either and I never view the source code of any page. I go back to the same keyword and think about it and even if I can only think of two similar keywords that is better than nothing. Expert in Keywords... Who is an expert in keywords you can have a tool for keywords but the beauty of that is you start to learn for yourself and that is something worth much more than just imitating the others. Alright at the start I did this too but then I got other ideas and worked them out for myself. Getting Back On The Track... So I am losing this a bit as I am like everyone else trying to explain how I see and what I saw days ago. Right so I saw what some people what say is a terrible page but do you know that it had far more information in it than any other pages I have seen? What would you say is more important? Make Your Own WebPage... Take courage and do your own start off with free. Play around with the page make what you want of it. Do not just put a couple of links and away again take courage and make mistakes loads of mistakes this way you will learn. You have to want to learn though I cannot stress this highly enough. In a couple of Jobs I had to teach other people and they never forgot anything they learned really well but you know I do not like teaching but I do not mind writing this because anyone has the free will to do what they want and will. With the kind of page I am using now you can make a really bad or good job of it and who cares? You can easily change the titles and what have you after look around in there in your dashboard thing and make the mistakes I made and am still making. Joy Of Learning.
No one will ever be able to take that joy and great feeling of I have created this myself. Much like a Painter views his painting. But with a painting you have to scrap it all and work really hard all over again don´t you? So come on don´t be a shy Dormouse come on out of there and show the whole World what you can do. Take care all.xxx PS:Doormouse aka dormouse who has heard of one of those? I had just spelled it wrong so before somebody tells me I have spelled it wrong I have corrected it back to Dormouse sorry Dormice got that one wrong lol.

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