Friday, 24 August 2012

Mother And Foal....

If you have ever seen the most beautiful mare that I was watching when we went past in the car most times you would have fallen in love with her as well. Standing proud, holding her head high like an Empress or a Queen. She could well have been a Royal Horse. For weeks on end she would not be there assuming she would be somewhere else say in Competitions or something. Months went by and I began to think I would not see her again. Not only did I see her again she has two foals now one older than the other but they are as beautiful as she is. She is a gorgeous chestnut red colour and her foals are the same too. In great health and full of life. Here is an image of what she looks like more or less. I can tell you I have tried to take various photos of her but it has been impossible as she is in a field that is too far off the road to be able to stop and take a photo and she moves very quickly and with great agility and most of the days she was too far away in the field or on others the days were too dark to take a good image of her. Just wishing she could be mine she never will be mine but I can dream about her. I would have called her Empress she has that look about her all she would need is a Crown. She is one on her own. Hope her foals grow to be the same way too. Horses - Mare & Foal
Horses - Mare & Foal

24 in. x 36 in.
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