Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mary poppins coloring pages

Poppins Mary Poppins if you have ever seen the Film itself you will always go back to watch it again and again. Colouring pages is a great therapy for some others might find it a waste of time. Well that is the way we sometimes think "its only for kids sorta stuff" but once you start colouring something you are finding a thing that you will begin to like. Let the child out in you. We have our child stuffed away inside us we have put it away in a drawer somewhere inside of our heart and head and forgotten to let it out. You must let it out to play colour pages for do not be put off by silly remarks from someone else. From colouring pages try with the left hand too okay so you might mess up the page just photocopy the page if you can and keep colouring. Keep colouring with the left hand and the right hand its a great therapy wait and see if it works for you. Emotional hangups we all have them in some sort of form or another. See if any of those hangups can get cleared here lots of relief if anything else. Emotional Freedom For You.

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