Sunday, 9 September 2012

Dream Catchers

Moms that have given up their dreams just for us a good part of their life. That is how it used to be and still is in a vast majority of places we become Mothers and find we have to put our dreams on the shelf for a while maybe or even longer than that. Why do we think that we cannot fulfill our dreams when we become a Mother? Great part of that problem is that we feel guilty if we take any time off for ourselves and feel bad about just sitting down for a time to put our feet up as well. Do you identify with that? Think that most of us Moms will identify with that kind of problem for sure. Your Baby is crying and you go to attend him and he or she calms down for a while but what about if that crying turns into a nightmare of crying 24 hours a day around the clock? This does happen and you get to feel like you are really wrung out inside out like a leaf tossed around by the wilfull wind itself of life. Can you cope with living to fulfill your dreams whatever they are? I believe you can get around to seeing at least one of your dreams fulfilled in someway. So what if you cannot fulfill them all at the same time? Having very young children is a very big job to take on we should support all Mothers with very young Children as they bear a heavy burden too. Do not let go of your dreams however after your Children start to walk and have a bit of independence you can start to work on your ideas a bit more even if its only ten minutes a day. You have to have time for yourself and never feel bad about shutting the door of your private space and take a breather you need it to be able to cope with being a Mom which just lately gets to be more stressful than ever. Catch your dreams and remember don´t let go of them. Write them down put images of your dreams on your images on your hard drive and keep them there till you have time to think about them and how you could go about doing all that what you want to do.

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