Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Fair Trading Of Your Traffic.......

Fair Trade Traffic Exchange run by Kurt Hilliard has two kind of surfing one is solo surfing that means its just the ordinary surfing module and the other is social surfing where you add your link or what they call your promotion and it is added on there. It seems you can contact other people through this I have not surfed much on this one I prefer the solo surf as I am only interested in surfing and seeing other people´s pages and what they are offering or what they are doing. You can get some ideas sometimes that you might not have thought about till then. I like the surf bar as it is very colourful and like Samurai Hitz its easy on the eyes and very nice surfing too. Upgrades are very decent as well and you do not have to join any programs in any downlines that you do not want. Never feel obliged to do so in any other Exchanges either if you do not wish to do so. Kurt Hilliard is a great and responsive owner and you can surf for cash here. Number of pages to surf a day are limited for quality of surfing. You can also get paid for promoting the non branded splash pages of this Traffic Exchange too and you won´t have the problems that you would have with the Ptps either.

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