Wednesday, 21 November 2012

How to build your splashpage.....

So on the other post I have been talking about Lords Of Traffic Traffic Exchange. If you do sign up with Lords Of Traffic apart from the normal things that you know how to do. I feel silly telling you what to do as it is really so easy. However your splash page is under Promo Tools on the left hand side of the screen when you eventually login and want to get your links together on one page. I cannot show you a real example as that is copyright so the image of what its like on the inside is impossible to put here. Anyway you can go to downline builder and choose the splashpage you would like to use. Take note of how it is set out otherwise you could end up putting links where you do not need them to be. Ample amount of links that you can copy and paste in there also make sure that you take of the http:// too otherwise when you save all the changes you will get an error or not found. Well I have done that a lot of times too. I would preview your splash page before you actually start to work on it as you have to like the look of it and you do not have to upgrade to be able to have one or use one. You are promoting their Traffic Exchange that way as you already know.

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