Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Surfing On Traffic Exchanges News......

Just been surfing on Lords Of Traffic I surf this one as much as I can gives good results for me at the moment. I would give it nine crowns like the ones you can earn whilst surfing and getting your pages seen. They do get the pages out there I am following the good results on my stats of my own webpage. Lords of Traffic has quite a few features one of my favourite ones is that you can get a branded splash page and put your top three pages or whatever at the top and also add your traffic promotions too in an orderly manner. Great to start off with if you cannot yet build a page or blog of your own. Can also track the amount of clicks your pages get and the end results. It has a click bar and a hover surf bar so if you get tired of clicking you can just sit back and hover over the hover surf bar and the end result is the same too. You do not get less traffic if you hover surf for a while. I cannot surf everyday on there but I go as often as I can and clock up about 200 and odd hits a time.

Great Promotion For Your Pages!

Personally I cannot buy into personal monthly plans at the moment but if you can its well worth trying to learn something if you can whatever you learn good or bad you will come out better for it as well.

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