Thursday, 22 November 2012

Surf With The Dragon Samurais Traffic Exchange...

All this is free so you are getting good value for the time you spend on there. If you join and you log in you can read all the members area sections which are always important as you may well miss something important for you. He has some great splash pages to promote too. It has a down line builder as well but I only join the ones I want to I just do not have the time for all those programs which are good ones but I would have to be on here a little longer than usual. Talking about surfing, the surf bar is easy on the eye and has large clear images no screwing your eyes which are probably already tired of looking at too many pages so easy to look at and very nice images to click on. Very well set up he has done a very good job of this exchange and I rate it a ten out of ten for me personally I have no problems with this site at all. James Vest is the owner of this Traffic Exchange I love the banners but I am stuck because they give you the referral url to use so you have to know how to use html for that one I guess. Personally I prefer the splash pages as I insert the url into the html and that´s it I know how to do that one. It all depends on what you prefer banners or splash pages.

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