Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Traffic Giantic, Traffic Muscles, Generalen Traffic Hover Surf Or Ordinary Surf,

Traffic Giantic, Traffic Muscles, Generalen Traffic are hover surfs or click traffic exchanges. The result are equally the same which ever one you surf with. Say if you have an injured arm or shoulder then you can easily hover surf and use one of those special mouse gadgets and take the strain off your arm too. You can surf for cash here too but not in the conventional sense. Every so many pages its usually about 300 pages or so a spinning roulette type wheel will appear on the screen. Be careful to have your cursor on the right hand side of the screen so that if you are on the hover surf you don´t hover the page off by mistake. All you have to do is to hit a section on the wheel where ever you want. You could win anything from 5 cents up its a question of luck really. They do pay I have been paid before from them too. During the surfing you will get bonus points like credits, banner impressions, text link impressions and so on. You can also win a 1,000 credits that is a thousand so I make it clear that way. You will like this exchange hope you enjoy being on there as much as what I do. Information supplied here is the same for the three exchanges as they are all owned by Kenneth Kraakstad great owner. There is only one banner of Traffic Giantic but in the link the splashpage is fantastic as it combines the three exchanges on to one splash pages.

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