Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Another Credit Prize.

Got another credit prize and more banner link impressions when I logged in at Lords Of Traffic today. Not bad to start the day off have not got too much time to surf a lot going on here so I am on the hover surf of Lords Of Traffic will go back later on to surf better and with more time. I have made myself a new rotator at lords of traffic all you do is to go to the Promo page and click on rotators and give the rotator a name any name will do although I try to find an appropriate one. Put the sites on that you are promoting now go and click on the rotator gif image that you want and click on it and then click save and then go back to the rotator list and click on the one you have chosen the rotator should come up with the programs you have chosen too. I hope I have written this in the right order as well more or less it goes like that. Rotators are very handy to have and I only have two at the moment and I also only use them in Traffic Exchanges that have been around for a while as well as they are not likely to vanish just like that and have all your efforts diluted into an absolute nothing. They are accepted in some Traffic Exchanges but also make sure that the programs you put in the rotator do not break frames otherwise they will delete the entire rotator and that effort of yours will poof vanish into nothing too. Traffic Lords Deliver.

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