Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Dolphins As You Have Seen Them.

Who does not like dolphins? Watching them in the high seas playing in their groups. Dolphins that have so much love to give and they give so much we can learn so much from them too. So why not have a decal of a dolphin on your wall? I know I would love to have one but where I live I cannot put decals on or anything like it so I have to wait till I move house. Dolphins sleep with one eye open but on this decal they all seem very much alert and with a wonderful background colour too. Where ever you put this kind of decal is up to you or anyone of course. A decal you can take it off the wall and re stick it somewhere else too so you can change rooms. Imagine if you can never get to the Aquarium to see them and really I would prefer to see them in the wild or on the television in their wild state in the oceans or on a decal like this. Wonderfully relaxing too I love this one. By the way it is true about dolphins sleeping with one eye open I promise you that is true it really is. Dolphins

36 in. x 24 in.
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