Sunday, 2 December 2012

Alternative Jewelry To Wear And Turquoise Could Be One Of Them.

Suddenly became allergic to gold bracelets. Was looking for something pretty instead that would match most things I wear without being too flashy. Not so easy you might say. What kind of bracelets can I wear then? After looking around I like the look of turquoise jewelry that I have seen right here. I love that colour turquoise as well and I have a few tops that are the colour turquoise also. Turquoise is a kind of gemstone that you can wear with most things and at any time so these seem just right for me. As for the gold bracelet maybe there is something in the mixture of the metal they have put in there that gives me this reaction though I cannot imagine why either. Since then I have been to try on a turquoise ring there were two sizes so I had to use the measurement gauge for the ring and for the necklace and bracelet a measuring gadget as well for a perfect fit. However I am still keeping my gold bracelet maybe I can do something else with it.

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