Monday, 10 December 2012

Sue Galloway Says Iphone Cases That Last.

Dropped my iphone again. Well it fell on the floor because I have a Dog that is into everything although he really should behave better. Picked up my iphone and luckily it had not dropped from a big height so there was only a tiny tiny little scratch but this is not one of the iphone cases that I chosen here I got it from somewhere else and although my iphone is working the next time it could be out for the count as I do not have carpet on these floors either so it might well just break altogether. If you want your iphone to last see if you like the look of one of these. Many designs to choose from too. My iphone case is an electric blue one just plain I rather fancy one with cats on it or another animal say a dog still choosing. I could be here all morning just choosing. Have a really great week

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