Friday, 14 December 2012

Weatherman Indicates Where I Might Live?

Just a joke really or is it? Thought about this last night when I was watching the Weather Man indicating where I was living on the Map. Two Maps came out on either side and he was going between one and the other screen giving all the details Region by Region. Seems the Weather is getting a bit better as we have had some very cold weather here it will be warmer but with lots of rain. We need rain lots of it. This is a very dry region so it does not rain that much. So there you go I have put the image on so you can guess where I might be living. But really its a secret. Change to post this kind of thing well yes as I think its nice to write a bit about yourself too. You can see that nice Weatherman who could be showing where I live lol. Okay so who´s interested well me of course who do you think? Several days of rain coming right up delivered by the hand of that handsome Weatherman. Well I think he is handsome don´t you? Oh well to each his own have a great weekend

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