Saturday, 25 May 2013

No Secret To Make More Cash Here......

 Easy Hits4u is still one of the best Traffic Exchanges around it has to be said. Sometimes I surf in it for days and weeks and other times I only surf about 100 pages at the most a day.
Whatever you do is up to you but if you don´t have a website of your own and you have affiliate links of any kind it does not matter what they are you can use the splash pages of Easyhits4u and choose your own background.
Not easy just click on the Html icon if you have Firefox that does not allow the copy and paste process and copy your Html from your notepad and press update and that is it.
Oh and don´t forget to choose your background you can change that around whenever you like it will not alter the html so no worries there.
Okay so what I have made this splashpage link here below its not at all fantastic is it? I like it its not fancy with blaring music and all that but hey don´t kill the messenger just yet the idea is to use what you can where you can and this is what its all about and at the same time you are easily promoting Easyhits4u.
Also don´t forget to set up your profile in Easyhits4u as well you don´t have to fill all of it in though use your own discretion as always.

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