Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Who´s That Knockering At My Door?

Knocking at my door I am taking a bolder stance here I am going out of my usual way and have got affiliate programs that I am just learning about. This kind of affiliate program does not usually have a traffic exchange viable page for you to promote so its really up to you to sort that one out. These kind of pages break frames so they would be refused on a traffic exchange and most likely on paid to programs as well. I am not saying that they are refused but they are sort of code breakers hey they are not bad pages its just that they need that space because of how the owners set it up I suppose. What they do have in the most positive sense is a lot of information which you can learn from you truly can. If you want to put this kind of link on a traffic exchange it would have to be in the form of a splash page and for it to open in a new window as well so it does not interrupt the surfing of anyone. Okay so "sanctuary much" for listening to this one and I hope you all have a great week out there. Okay so I am in a chatty mood so this is why my sense of humour is leaking out from here as well. This is not a stereotyped page repeat it is not Scotty will not be beaming me up lol.xxx

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