Monday, 10 June 2013

Eagle Jets?

Aircraft, Jet Planes? I am fed up of these Jet Planes sometimes as they fly so close to our Houses and the noise they make is quite unbelievable. Of course they only look like the size of an ordinary cat in the sky just to give you an idea how I see them. So they come down to that altitude but then they make that awful racket and then soar off without so much as a how´s your father and probably go off to bother somebody else. How I wish it were an eagle instead any eagle. An Eagle is noble does not make that kind of noise thank goodness does not pollute the skies. That is what I wish that Eagles would visit us instead of those awful Jets or what have you Eagles like the ones you can see below. Do you have those noisy so and so´s round where you are? You are very lucky then I can tell you. They scared the hell out of my dog the first time but then the second time round he got used to them. Prefer to see the Eagle majestic in the sky than those other things okay so they have a job to do but what I do is not very interesting as far as I can see so for me they can go and bother someone else instead lol. Do you agree on that then?

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