Friday, 11 July 2014

Sunshine and Sunflowers.....

Afternoons have turned out to be nice for a while as we have been having quite heavy rain. People here complain about the rain but really its so needed as it goes dry really quickly and lots of Farmers have trouble getting their crops to grow properly and be ready on time for harvesting. Same thing goes for the Sunflowers that are just few fields up from where I am living but I cannot get there walking and on the road its become nigh impossible to get there. So only way was taking a video of the wonderful Sunflowers as we went past in the Car. I could not get that close being on the other side of the road. But I did not do too bad considering I was in a Van with windows that needed a good clean. Okay so I have tried to copy and paste the video on here and it just will not allow it so the only thing I can do as I cannot even post a link either lol its the following. Can you see it? Others are still of the same Sunflowers.

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