Wednesday, 3 September 2014

If You Cannot Spell,

If you cannot spell and are bad at Maths then we are sort of like Soul Mate or would that be sole mates? I used to be the worlds best speller, now don´t laugh I really did honest that is true. However if you get to speak Spanish like I do then you may as well forget about what you were like before. Maths won´t count as they would not add up the same in Spanish okay very funny. Also if you cannot write you are another mate of mine and especially if you miss out all the commas then we have got something in common as commas hardly exist in this language since they have gone European style lol. Yes I write lol, I am human, I might live here, speak their language not be like them although I feel like I am part of them but I am still English. I cannot rub out what I was before but I cannot rub out what I am now either. Also if you wrote with your left hand at School another sole mate of mine. So if you have wiked sense of humour okay so its wicked the way I spell another mate of mine too. Wishing all my soul friend a happy week ahead. Cya guys an gals. Where would we be without us gals?.xxx

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