Sunday, 23 November 2014

Art Of Advertising.

Are you in the middle of a nice video that you are watching and then all of sudden a load, well a whole load of advertisements come on and take off what you were so nicely watching and expect you to listen to them instead? I bet you were watching your favourite group or a bit of a Film and you were invaded by these whatever one wants to think. I am not against adverts at all I will let some run all depends. Spanish adverts grate on your nerves a lot so they go straight out the window I click them off right away. So okay you might say what do I do then well at the moment I google what I am looking for and stick with a youtube link and bookmark it and I am finding although you don´t get rid of all the adverts you will get rid of all those super loud nerve grating ads which far from getting you to buy anything do the opposite at least to me they do. I don´t abuse you tube either all day long I just listen to the odd bit of this and that and I don´t sit watching full movies of which you will be very lucky to find anyway right now. See if it works for you I hope so. Those advertisers are not my enemy but I learn to play them at their own game way to go. Enjoy your you tube moments because a lot of us cannot always afford to go out right away and buy the music we want so its a kind of solace and refuge albeit for a moment. This is all my own writing I felt I had to write about this one as we most all of go on you tube at least once a week.
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