Friday, 28 November 2014

Sixty Four Million Friends...

Jackie Chan, he has wait for it. What does he have? He has so much charm and character and so much to give yet. There is not one Film of his that I don´t like especially the one where he wore that Suit and became somebody else lol. I am writing lol yes I don´t care much about grammar there spelled without a Capital H lol another lol. How many of his Films have you seen? Well I have seen a few but I don´t know the names of many of them but I do know that I enjoyed every last one of them. So again what has he got 64 million Friends on Facebook wow that is mind boggling and I say he deserves it love him a lot. Well done Jackie I don´t envy you at all I just say wow that is really something. +sixtyfour-million-friends +jackie-chan-on-facebook +the-tuxedo-suit-jackie-chan

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