Wednesday, 26 November 2014

What Is The Matter?

What could be the matter? Well I don´t know said one friend to another all I know is I am not twitting or telling on my Friend. But you know what will happen said the other one. The boy shuddered a little, yes I know but I cannot tell on him. They all stood around talking about what had happened. It was a mere incident hardly worth more than 100 lines to write out. All the boys stood firm thinking they would all be able to tolerate 100 lines yes that would be okay they thought. They all liked the Teacher and thought he would not do much about it anyway. Having decided they all said no they were not going to tell on their Friend. Next day at the Assembly they all got the Cane for a very really silly incident. I ask myself would they like that Teacher now? Would they all give him so much loyalty after that? I know that I would say no I would not, I would forgive him and let him go but that does not mean to say I would have to like him at all. I think I would be truly daft to do so.

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