Friday, 28 November 2014


He Woke Up To A Fight.... Having got into his sleeping bag for the night and it was quite chilly too he had been snuggled up wearing a hat to keep his freezing cold ears warm. He heard the noise of some sort of fight going on outside. At first he thought I must surely be dreaming but he was not. The noise of a fight came ever nearer and nearer. It was a case of seeing is believing he was a witness to a battle that was taking place. A Battle because of the heavy swords and weapons they were using at the time he was a silent witness. His heart pounded away at first as he could see what seemed like a tide of men wounding and killing each other. Plucked up the courage to look outside and he saw nothing there was nothing, no weapons no marks on the grass around him nothing. It had been the Battle of the Danes in Wodensfield long long ago. He had just been the witness of what was and did happen except now that it has been mostly covered by houses. He know that no one will believe him and he sort of feels like a fool. But he knew what he saw history in action. History is best left in the past. It happened for better or for worse but its part of Wodensfield or Wednesfield if you like. Of course he will never forget it and he had to tell it to someone out there even if they did not believe it even if. +wodensfield-battle +saxons-and-danes +battle-of-saxons-and-danes

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