Friday, 26 December 2014

Power On and Power Off.

When I was small I used to be at my Nan´s quite a few times and I so loved those houses even though there was not enough money to put carpet or lino on the floors there was always warm food and a heater in the back room. They are ideal houses for me as the back part had an extension that was covered with glass and you could use the old gas cooker out there for when the electric went off and left you stranded for hours on end when the cold weather was set in. The power has just gone off here and no one tells you anything I have just discovered that the Electric Meter is on the blink again. We have very very cold weather and the Meter goes on the blink so I am just reminded of my Nan´s house that you could always depend on that old gas cooker to keep warm and cook your food. These houses are in Stanford Road and they still look the same as ever to me. Luckily for now I have managed to put the Meter back in shape again for now. Iberdrola might be "powerful" in other Countries but here its another Story lol. Hope no has a cold winter day with no heating God forbid most here have a Barbecue thing that they can use we do not have one very basic houses but they are houses and that is something to be thankful for. Warmest Sue Image is my own strictly my own. +power-outage-iberdrola +electric-contraptions +gas-cooker-old

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