Monday, 12 January 2015

Fair Traders......

You can get to meet all kinds of people where I live but you do have to go out and about say the Cafe/Bars on the main Roads. Came across a pair of guys with their Lorry going to Bilston with a load a stuff to sell there and pick up a lot of stuff to sell in Alicante for all kinds of people. They like British stuff so they transport almost anything within reason of course and there has to be money in it for them a course as well. Cuttin it short they said which had me laughing to this very day we are taking these to sell at Bilston Market and it was a huge load of underwear of the best kind only British. I don´t if I can say anything else that they did make me laugh and I always look out for them and see if they are going to ask me "What are you doing in a place like this"? Yes all sorts of underwear will leave the rest to the imagination. Just was thinking of that happened not too long back and seeing as I am seeing that everywhere I knew over there is closing down I can only hope that these guys will do a lot of trading with Bilston Market. Fingers crossed for all of them both sides of the Ocean. +fair-traders +bilston-market +bilston-west-midlands.

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