Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Hot On The Hob.....

These Vitro Ceramic hob plates are enought to drive me up the wall if I let them. Even if a drop of water gets on them it leaves a mark oh boy. An those silly ads where you cover up the Hob when it gets all scratched. No washing up liquid kids, no other cleaning stuff except Froggy and apply it sparingly if you do have a spill over of any kind. Wait till the heat goes down say 10 mins use a soft cotton Kitchen cloth rub in the creme and let it be there 10 mins only very messy. Then you clean it all off with another cloth of the same kind wash an rinse quite a bit. I use a saucepan one with the bottom of it really clean and let it take on the heat of the hob for about another half an hour. Bingo its usually gone vanished none of that scrubbin an all that stuff an never ever use kitchen sponges they really are terrible. Had to learn the hard way kids but it will save you a bomb on a new ceramic plate. Hope I have explained it well enough its what I do but I usually am very careful not to let it spill if I can help it an also cuts the electric bill down as well cos I use the heat of ring itself to finish cookin. Forgot to say that the clean saucepan I use usually has warm food in it

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