Monday, 6 July 2015

Set Them Free Let Them Go.....

Out they come with a big bang and a crash of hooves Run up a street and heart beating to the dozen For although they look strong and tough they are really big babies Looking for love. They run them up to a big big square with everyone jostling them and without a care Without a care for what happens to my beautiful animals they call them Toros Of San Fermin If only I could let them loose and take them back where they had bin

 She used to watch him through the palings He was tied up on a long leash He was beautiful and white and swishing his tail Munching grass, munching grass She used to watch this Pit Pony through the palings Palings at the bottom of the Garden He was so lovely to look and how much he enjoyed his freedom He used to play all on his own and would sometimes look at her And say "hello" She admired this white horse she loved watching him being free Being free, being free just like you just like me.

 Watching the Moon shine with all her lovely light He stood free, he stood proud He was strong and powerful full of fight He passed peaceful days in the Sun and the shade But they caught him they caught him now he was no longer free No more Moon, no more Sun and no more shade No more cool water and nice green grass to eat How I wish that they would leave these animals be. +san-fermin-2015 +running-of-bulls-2015 +cruelty-animals-2015

Cruelty to animals its my silent protest about what they do in the name of entertaining others.

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